some days we simultaneously have the energy and motivation to write longer thinkpieces. other days we just dash off some crap and call it a feature.

by jimminy

Jimmy, and occasionally a guest Jimmy, cut through the crap in an incisive manner. just like the people on BBC Look East.


hilly kristal: CBGBs owner

kool herc: hip hop pioneer

wireless: we made a film, we made a film

harvest festival: the fabulous nobody's diary of a day

strange sounds: the evolution of drum machines

we got married in a fever: Jimmy and Donna get hitched

doing it for yourselves: the Asking For Trouble diary of a record

it takes two: duos doing it for themselves

making it up as you go along: the Bad Timing guide to being a promoter

careless demos cost lives: demo reviews for Careless Talk Costs Lives

probemusic unsigned bands: unsigned band interviews for Probemusic

where did it all go wrong? What happened to the weekly music papers? Why did the Melody Maker disappear? Colin Newman, Pete Bassman and others give us their opinion.

music in slovakia Fero, our Slovak correspondent, discourses at length on his chosen subject: How Having an Oppressive Communist Government For 30 Years Affects Your Country's Art.

emmaboda festival diary Relive Jimmy's Emmaboda with these selections of 6th-form angst, band reviews and poor jokes from his diary.

kings of the wild world tour Join John Tyrrell of breakbeat bandits, and Antpeople, Kings of the Wild Frontier on a year-long trip around the world.

why start a label? We talk to the likes of Beggars Banquet, Che, Org, One Louder, WIAIWYA, Fortuna Pop etc etc etc..

chronic fatigue syndrome No, it's not a new slowcore band, but a debilitating illness from which Jimmy suffered. This tells about the therapy that gave him back the energy to write reviews.

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