by jimminy!

jimmy possession tackles the issues of the day in an incisive, determined and astute fashion - a bit like the people on bbc look east.

The Secret of Punk (September 2006)
Win RoboPleasure for Life! (September 2005)
Rokit 88 (October 2003)
Game For a Laugh (6th April 2003)
To Bling, Or Not To Bling? (8th March 2003)
Time Flies (30th October 2002)
Sex, Lies and Audio Tape (4th April 2002)
Distribute and Be Damned (31st October 2001)
Blackpool Cocks (18th July 2001)
No Future? (29th April 2001)
Run DMC: Sucker MCs? (25th March 2001)
Uncut: they forgot Pop Will Eat Itself (20th January 2001)
Elton John vs Sue Ryder (30th November 2000)
Why you should sort your records out (1st June 2000)
Cliff Richard and the KLF (1st December 1999)

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