DJ Lambchop
(Originally appeared in Probemusic, November 2001)

Who is DJ Lambchop? Well, as Terry Wogan used to say, the clue is always in the question. Lamb – ironically fulfilling the Welsh stereotype; and chop – cut, scratch and mix, a turntablist. His cassette-only release, Cashing In On Cool Cymru, confirms Wogan's Law by sticking a lengthy slagging of Kelly Jones (for having a fake Welsh accent and using the same hair dye as Tom Jones) over a distinctly non-funky break. The two other tracks similarly accentuate the negative. Terfysgoedd Daear is a maelstrom of babble, overloaded piano and a crushing loop that builds up out of nothing while Distort The Truth, Distort The Facts, Distort Everything Dub is just a nightmare of old electro and confusion. But there's more to Lambchop than meets the ear. As Steffan Cravos, he's editor of Brechdan Tywod, a Welsh-language zine with a pleasing habit of ripping the piss out of Steve "indie" Lamacq, and as MC Sleifar he's a founding member of Tystion, the only Welsh hip hop terrorists you might've heard of.

And, just for fun, in his spare time he runs a record label, Fitamin Un. "I set up Recordiau Fitamin Un in 1996. At the time I was just fed up with the scene in Wales, and just thought fuck it. It was meant as an outlet for some of my projects, like Tystion, and other underground stuff. Eventually Tystion got signed to a bigger label, Ankstmusik and F1's output slowed down. Then things picked up again in 2000 and to date we have put out a modest 12 releases including Llwybr Llaethog, Pep Le Pew, Trawsfynydd Lo-Fi liberation Front and Continuous Sound Labordy Swn Cont."

The label's output, along with the zine and Tystion's records are primarily in Welsh, and Lambchop has run campaigns against corporations such as AOL for inequal treatment of Welsh customers. "AOL don't give a shit. They regard minority languages as non-profitable. Many other multi-corporate companies refuse to give bilingual signage and services to the Welsh people, even though they profit from their operations in the Welsh nation. AOL give you web space to set up your own site, so I put one up called AOL's Total Lack of Respect for the Welsh Language."

He's a pushy sod and his records are edgy, uncompromising affairs, but having just become a father for the first time, is he going to be less radical in future? "I'll probably more radical, now that I am in direct contact with the next generation."

Talkin 'bout his generation, Fitamin Un are on the web at

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