This is an archive of the unsigned band pieces I've written for Probemusic, a free monthly listings paper for London.

Transistor 6 - like a less-confident Solex (April 2001)
Empty Vessels - we took a lot of cheap wizz (May 2001)
Southall Riot - had five drummers in seven gigs (May 2001)
Gag - the band have no objectives (June 2001)
Tin.RP - we don't fight digital distortion (June 2001)
Canhex - we wanted to make something magical (August 2001)
Stars of Aviation - we haven't really thought this through (August 2001)
FleshPeddlers - our songs start out as pop tunes (September 2001)
Tempertwig - Love, yes. Girls, yes. Boys, yes (September 2001) - I'm a big fan of bubblegum crisis (October 2001)
DJ Lambchop - I am in direct contact with the next generation (November 2001)
Meme - I did look like some kind of crazed psychopath (December 2001)
DJ Ordeal - I am at the mercy of some very suspect and ancient equipment (March 2002)



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