(Originally appeared in Probemusic, June 2001)

If I was to mention French music these days, you'd probably think of Daft Punk. Sadly, despite the sonic possibilities, Daft Punk are not remotely punk. Tin.RP, on the other hand, aren't remotely tin, but DDN and his wife B*L do make an unholy punk rock racket. C'est la vie. "I'm not a fan at all of the punk culture, so I got no particular haircut nor piercing, but I like underground punk music like old Conflict, Crass and Dog Faced Hermans. I always thought their way of being ironically suspicious of everything, including and starting by one's own beliefs and attitudes, was healthy."

But? "But seen from 21st century's France, punk attitude seems a bit ridiculous even if it's coming back again in clothes this year. Ready-made NO FUTURE tee shirts look like a great summary of what our society is to my eyes. You can make money/ fashion/ trends out of absolutely anything."

There's little danger of Tin.RP becoming a trend in the near future. Not unless the kids get fed up of mobile phones and start getting into full frontal electronic noise assault. "I see many people using computers to have a perfect crystal-clear sound. We are the exact opposite. We use software bugs a lot, so we use a lot of crashing beta versions and old softwares. We don't fight against clicks and we don't fight digital distortion."

Their new album Hun_geR was inspired by the Knut Hamsun book and "the strange behaviour we have in the so-called civilized countries with food. The book is a lot about "trips" created by sustained starvation. Depending on your equipment there may or may not be 10 seconds of silence before or after the 13 original tracks: this is one of the software bugs I was talking about. We called this track StarvingSilence, of course."

Political conscience and a techno take on the Extreme Noise Terror line in maniacal decibel abuse? Surely a shoe-in at Digital Hardcore. "I sent a copy of the first Tin.RP album to DHR. Nothing came back, not even a "your music is shit, keep it." So I wrote a rather aggressive mail to them [and] Mrs Gillian answered herself. She asked me to make a track entitled Fuck you Gillian at DHR if I wasn't satisfied, ain't that funny?".

You can get a copy of Hun_ger through Tin.RP's web site at http://tinrp.free.fr or by writing to DEL NISTA, Résidence Michelet DeLattre / B2 - 5 boulevard du maréchal Koenig, 13009 Marseille, France "We distribute the products through the CareWare system. Send us something to show you care about the music - email poems, your albums, software, a picture, a nice letter, whatever - and you'll get music."

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