the family way interview
(April 1998)

There's been a break-up of soap operatic proportions at Family Mansions. Sister Rae and Brother Grae were disinherited after an argument over who was going to eat the last of the fondue and cross words were spoken. The terrible twosome left under a dark cloud---not a welcome sight in the ever-hopeful world of TFW---never to return again...unless other actors with barely-credible facial similarity, a need for quick cash and a desperation to appear on telly can be found. Tearfully answering the (tenuously linked) questions, Scarlet Day.

Who's in The Family Way?

At the moment Scarlet Sometimes Day, Father Way and Cousin Mortimer on: vox/guitar, vox/guitar/organ, guitar...We're searching for some musical relatives at the moment...We're happy to adopt new members too...

Family Tree

Theres no way I could do this my drawing/neatness factor being nil...erm...Theres kinda two parallel worlds to The Family Way, the earth world and the way world [visit TFW web site for a full run-down on the way world]. I guess you want the boring earth world of who's been in what bands and stuff...erm, lessee, erm, Father Way was in Louis Dippermouth as 'Dave'. They released one single of which many are still under Father Way's bed if he's to be believed; Cous Mortimer was in Talulah Gosh and Heavenly as 'Pete' and is now in the Marine Research and Salvage Limited. I think he was in something to do with Saturn something too, but I forget; Scarlet was in Mambo Taxi as Delia, Phantom Pregnancies as Sparrow, Punjab Rovers as Delia, Baby Birkin as Delia and Action Time as Miss C.C. Rider. Our possible new members' past will not be held against long as they don't mind being re-invented.

Any family resemblences?

I think we sound like something old but new at the same time...I wish I sounded like Diamanda Galas, I guess I sound more weedy then that, erm, I think Father Way would like to be Frank Sinatra basically, or maybe Elvis if you insisted...some people say Father Way sounds like the chap from the Triffids or (no i can't tell you that one actually...). I think Pete would like to be a flamenco dancer or something....I think actually I'd like to sound like Lee Hazelwood but I think I'd scare people if I did.

Family allowance?

Getting people to come and pay to see you in your best party frock singing songs about mad people setting 'ladies of the night' on fire...

Family traits?

A certain tinge of unreality which we all cling to as more exciting then the real world. Fantasy was always better than reality even when it spread to the realms of horror...We all have dark hair---must be in the genes.

Family Circle biscuts?

Father Way goes for the sweetest one, cousin goes for the daintiest, Scarlet goes for the biggest.

Family (wo)man?

Frank, Frank, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy LEE!!!! Johnny Cash, Lee Marvin, Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash...Ooh Johnny Cash, Shangrilas...Anyone that sings of tragedy and lost love and plane crashes.....Everly Bros etc.

Does familiarity breed contempt?

I guess it did with our bassist and drummer cos they left...To know know know us is to leave leave leave us...The rest of us are holding up okay.

Family planning?

Well obviously we need to go forth and multiply and hopefully some of our multiplications will have drumming/bassing talent.

That's all, a quick kiss on the cheek and then she's off to an invite-only party at some long-distance cousin's country house. The only trace of her presence a faint lipstick outline and a lingering waft of perfume. And it's the same with the music: a glorious gutter-pop moment followed by an all-over glow in which the luxurious memory is almost as pleasurable as what preceded it. And then there's the anticipation of the next one...

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