2nd Gen


Current Job:
Album (title tbc) in September. First single August with collaborative remix by Techno Animal and Dalek. Second single out in October/November featuring James Johnston/Gallon Drunk on vox and guitar.

Previous Employment:
Fun-da-Mental (playing bass), Solen (guitar and vox)



What the f***? It's Mathew Glamore (formerly of kitsch punky popsters Minty)'s Harder Faster Louder club night, declared 'evil' by the Daily Star. So they must be doing something right. Some fetish-y freaks are shimmying around, dancing to Miss Pink's darkcore drum'n'bass, but then...what the f***? To simply say that 2nd Gen are 'full-on' is a bit of an understatement. These three Tai Chi warriors stripped to the waist begin throwing some extraordinarily fierce shapes to the industrio-jungle of 'Against Nature', and generally start making the Prodigy look like Belle & Sebastian. Basically, it's about time somebody started seriously f***ing with electronica again, and 2nd Gen extreme noise terror is just the cathartic shakeout we've been looking for. This isn't a gig, it's more of a blood-letting, where the excruciating straight jacket funk of Complacent Certainty has beats tumbling over each other as if in a psychotic cement mixer, while the one who's a boxer in real like bellows, 'F*** em' into a mic about 1000 times. These butchering Buddhists, this insane posse hurtle around the stage going kamakaze with their karma. They're nihilistic ninjas acting out Nagasaki nightmares, and they're the f***ing bomb. (Carl Loben - Melody Maker)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
who/what do you think you sound like?
Don't know. Here's a list of bands people have used to describe us... Throbbing Gristle, Godflesh, Skullflower, Non, Suicide, Alec Empire, Aphex Twin, My Bloody Valentine, Young Gods, Skinny Puppy, Sonic Youth, Psychic TV

who/what have you been compared to that you don't sound like?
Don't know.

would you use that comparison in order to get people to listen to/review your band?

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