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(May 2002)


The Abrahams


Current Job:

Promoting our homemade debut ep. Alerting fanzines and other media folk to our existence. Appearances with the St. Andrew's based Fence Collective.

Preparing for concert hosted by Bad Jazz records at the Art's Café in London at the end of May.

Previous Employment:

Rick: Guitarist with 'Blind' who also featured Martin Noble of British Sea Power fame in their line-up.

Joanna: Art school experiments with Gordon a.k.a The Lone Pigeon (co-founder of the Beta Band), solo performances at the songwriter's showcase in Edinburgh and some electronic experiments funded by Geffen.



It's all about the songs with the Abrahams. (Robots and Electronic Brains)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Good song writing, dynamic duo. Weaknesses: hit or miss live performances, maths.

Contact Details:




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