Current Job:

Chris: After 15 years on the dole has entered the world of acedemia and is going to big school in September to do English Lit.

Jamie: Makes maps and draws stuff for people.

Jim: Telephone switchboard operator and barman.

Previous Employment:

Chris: Kilgore Trout, AC Temple, Lazer Boy, Coping Saw, Spoonfed Hybrid.

Jamie: Mrs Kipling, Smile Baby

Jim: The Teastains, Justin Lewis Orchestra (current), Coping Saw


"As unpredictably emotional as Labradford and as weirdly tragic as everything you never said" - Melody Maker
"Gloomy angst-rock fallen off the back of a Goth's tricycle in 1984... a fringe-drooping prehistoric miserablist donkey's bray of a thing" - NME

Strengths and Weaknesses:

You'll have to ask Chris (I'm only the bass player and as such am not qualified to say anything to the press).

Contact Details:, or 46 Buttermere Rd, Sheffield, S7 2AY



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