Big Eyes


Current Job:

 'clumsy music' full length lp/cd on pickled egg (due sept/oct)

Previous Employment:

james green (currently plays bass in Plouf!)

katherine wood (currently plays keyboard/violin in GG Action, violin in Martini Straight, played keyboard/violin in The Impossible)

elodie ginsbourg (singer and leader of Plouf!)



"Big Eyes - Big Eyes Songs (Pickled Egg) A dozen tracks in less than 19 minutes, starts out like an instrumental outtake of Dan Hicks' I Scare Myself on Red Tricycle, all haunting gypsy violin and bouncy folkish mystery, The Boo Girl is like a sadder Penguin Cafe Orchestra for 1 minute and 29 seconds. Dog Eared is like a more concise Rachels doing an instr., Tindersticks demo. The female vocals of Big Eyes spoken by French bandmate Elodie Ginsbourg, feel like dream (or diary) fragmented details, the effect is the same on Gin Head. Curled Up with it's male narrative by bandmember James Green, sounds a bit like Looper without the beats. Mostly it's like a series of bittersweetly evocative instrumental sketches in mostly acoustic guitar, violin, accordion, auto-harp and bass. Entirely dreamy and excellent, without trying too hard at all. Katherine Wood and Mark Rimmer round out this Leeds-based quartet." dream magazine (US)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

over-activity, intolerance of long gigs, hatred of over-loud drums and wah-wah (strengths or weaknesses?)

strange obsessive habits

penchant for coconuts and hard eggs

Contact Details:

83 Kirkstall Hill, Leeds LS4 2YU,



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