Current Job:

Brassel is touring NZ, Canning is arranging artwork and coming to final stages of mixing the first Canhex album (ST) in Sheffield at Fearless Studios.

Previous Employment:

Brassel: Squirm (ChCh, NZ) early to mid 90's, Solo since then, sometimes plays with Dunedin band Kitset. Canning: S.O.M (Auckland NZ) 1990 - 1992. Solo since 1992. (known as Okra 1994 - 1997) plays drums and guitar in the Futurists (Sheffield) 1999, also sporadically drums for improvisational quartet Porkrubber from Nottingham.




All of these release have received favourable press coverage, Flakeheads single artwork made the actual front cover of the Melody Maker in Jan 1997 as single of the week by Kula Shaker. Some national network radio play in Australia and NZ ie Keith Richards trip to Invercargill, Hex has a following in UK, Europe and around the world in fanzines and commercial music mags and has had the same kind of radio play as Canning.


Canhex have yet to get a published review, we may actually play together in Europe next year if Hex's plan to come over happens. Debut album to be released 1/2001 on CD. Promo vids available around the same time

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Canhex have never met each other so is that a strength or a weakness? We learnt of each others existence through mutual friends. My label Ghostjogger distributes Hex's output through Europe and UK on a mail order basis. The project consisted of 4 tapes crossed the world between England and NZ where the recipient would do their 50%. The recording process has gone on since May '99 and has gone from a 5 track EP to a 13 track album, there have been a couple of additional players involved contributing parts on piano, clarinet, viola, violin, and cello.

Weaknesses are the distance between us means we can't do PR stuff easily hence no photos exist of Canhex (yet). Also being on other sides of the globe mean that live dates aren't forthcoming, however when we do eventually get together... Yeeha! Cowpoke drone music from the heart of hellish redneck NZ.

Contact Details:

PO Box 1331, Sheffield S11 9XT, or


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