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(June 2001)


The Chemistry Experiment


Current Job:

Just finished mixing our third EP, entitled 'Round The Corner Dutch Zebra', a masterpiece of pop thrills. We are also embarking on our massive double debut LP, which will doubtless be described the same way.

Previous Employment:

Martin was in Ward 34, who were played on John Peel in 1979.
Steven occasionally plays as/with My Hairdresser For President.
Emily is in The Standing On Tables, The Sexcapades of Dan Diego, Teen Robot & The Microchips, Parma Violence and many other bands that may or may not exist...
Paul was a founding member of Recorder Moods, and has occasional outings as DJ Roadbuilder.
Lee played 3rd flute for the Dukeries Community Band in Ollerton.






"A poptastic explosion of lo-fi scruffiness and hi-fi ideas... they are pagan love gods and, boys and girls, they rule the school of cool (4/5 stars)" (Melody Maker)
"A glorious cross-pollination of B&S folksiness and Tindersticks melancholy with a twisted experimental heart" (Select Magazine)
"The Chemistry Experiment continue their wing-and-a-prayer flirtations with pop music, ending all chances of this one ever battling it out with Boyzone by sticking a huge break in the middle where the only sound is a remote vacuum cleaner and some chap exclaiming "By Jove, they're doing it!" Before and after this, a jolly romp that Mungo Jerry could've done well with is spiked by a strange scraping noise" (Robots & Electronic Brains on 'Bubblegum')

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: We have the strength of four men. And a girl.

Weaknesses: Most of us find it hard to resist the offer of a pint. Aside from Lee, who is clearly all powerful.

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