Chris T-T


Current Job:

finished 2nd album, called PANIC ATTACK AT SAINSBURY'S which will be out August 2000 on Snowstorm. I do a nasty day job at the Press Association. I'm also helping the Natural History Museum build a machine that makes cool noises and beats out of natural sounds.

Previous Employment:

I played piano at a ballet school when I was 14, which was very lucrative.

I played in Magoo on their first album when I was 21, which wasn't very lucrative.



"we need more ideas like that in modern pop" Johnny Cigarettes, NME
"grins sheepishly through a frankly astonishing beard... Rattles along like Lou Reed hunting feverishly through his medicine cupboard" Sarah Bee, Melody Maker

Strengths and Weaknesses:

I'm meandering and creative and a decent person, but I'm self-obssessed and say I'll do things before they're sorted, so when stuff goes wrong I've already boasted about it. I'm moody and misanthropic, but not usually a git. Currently heartbroken. Eloquent. Enough?

Contact Details:

wine cellar records (my Mum's record label that I'm not signed to anymore but stuff'll get to me): 92 thurmond crescent winchester SO22 4DH or:,


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