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(January 2002)




Current Job:

Just finished our 2nd LP & are promoting our recent single "Trife-A-Saurus Rex" (feat. Apathy from the DemiGods) We are also working on beats for various LP projects - Mass Influence, T-Love & others

Previous Employment:

Jon has previously done production work for the Herbaliser & co-wrote 'Mother for your Mind' & 'Another Mother' amongst others.


Dynamism LP on Ninjatune & numerous 12"s


I don't know them that well! There was a Dutch Film festival we were involved with, in Rotterdam, & in their programme the English translation described our function at the festival as "lubricating the whole event"!! That was a good one!

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Extensive record collections (which keep growing), a constant source of ... err inspiration! Weaknesses: 7" records - neither of us can ever pass them up! If there's a box at a boot sale, we're looking in it!!

Contact Details:



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