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a 7 inch single on Indenial Records called Film Music.


What we're calling a Ronseal Record---it does exactly what it says on the tin. Think stylishly-shot 60s spy fiction with organ heavy soundtracks and you'll be in the right area. Heavier than the likes of L'Augmentation, and less jolly too, we're talking "Funeral in Berlin" territory. (Robots & Electronic Brains)
(ha!) although we've always thought that Film Music was an optimistic, happy song, not half as morbid as everyone else seems to think

Strengths and Weaknesses:
who/what do you think you sound like?
It's hard to say, we've tried to describe ourselves and the best we can come up with is 'instrumental electronic rock' which isn't very descriptive at all. Someone said we sound like 'leaving'. Other people have said we sound a bit like Stereloab, Velvet Underground, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, early Pink Floyd

who/what have you been compared to that you don't sound like?
Gothic music !! (Melody Maker)

would you use that comparison in order to get people to listen to/review your band?
not the goth one, but the other one, yeah I suppose so, unless someone could come up with a better one

Contact Details: Website will be up soon but currently no address; email is, post is Electrelane c/o Lout Promotions, The Metway Studios, Canning Street, Brighton

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