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Fish From Tahiti


Current Job:

Making earhats, plus just finished the third single, "Greendyke Viaduct"/ "Industrial floss"-out early May. Also just finished a track called "Level crossings" for the soon to be released Sorted sampler. Also deciding whether to record an album or just keep releasing singles until there's enough to do a singles album..

Previous Employment:

Anthrax for the people, The white Cortinas, The Pleasure Beat, The Suicide Fish, Lid.


Lots of cassettes and the odd record with the above bands, as for Fish From Tahiti : Tracks on Ashtray Heart, The First Sorted EP, Brain Cakes, Suction Prints.


Fish from Tahiti : Fucking up music for fun and profit. (NME)
Silly people with no ambition or taste (Time Out,but they liked it!)
Hoo-ah ! Another quality parcel from the Fish (Record Collector)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths : An ability which we share with Captain Beefheart for juxtaposition, e.g. dub bass and drums, static humming, a crackling and unintelligible Chinese conversation, possibly like something that might come from Cologne, a Burnt Friedman remix perhaps.

Weaknesses : The tendency to snatch a couple of loops, run them together with the occasional Raygun break for two minutes, and to make reviewers think it's probably harder to sound this simple.

Contact Details:

www.Sortedrecords.org.uk, Sortedrecords@Hotmail.com or PO Box 5922, Leicester LE1 6XU


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