The Fleshpeddlers


Current Job:

At the moment, we're rehearsing to get our live show together and continuing work on a new CD

Previous Employment:

Todd Millenacker & Woody have been in various incarnations of The Fleshpeddlers since 1994. Todd Millenacker has played guitar in the alternative band Mind Riot (1994 -1995) and sang and played guitar in the hard rock band Purge (1995 - 1996). Woody played bass in punk band Wandering Moons (1994-1995). Kris Verplank played bass in heavy metal band Ethereal Paradise (1996-1999).



Disposable Pop Songs in the key of the cold wave. You know, that vaguely gothic industrial style that blew through both coasts a few years back. Robotic and yet lush. The Fleshpeddlers remind me of SMP or Non-Aggression Pact, mostly in the use of old school hip-hop beats. There are some gothic keyboards flitting about, but this is definitely an Operation Beatbox attack. It has always surprised me that so few people have thought to combine these styles. I mean, the best part of 80s rap was the beat work, the rhythmic vocal delivery. That stuff still works. So why not drop that into a light industrial sound? Why not, indeed. This is so far away from where music trends are today it is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Imagine the Beasties fronting NIN. Maybe that will help describe what's going on here. It works. Real well. Not much more I can say about that. (Aiding & Abetting)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Todd's biggest strength is being a rock god. His biggest weakness is not being recognized. Woody's biggest strength is knowledge of Trivial Pursuit for Kids. His biggest weakness is women and men who look like women. Kris' biggest strength is using chopsticks. His biggest weakness is late night cravings for Taco Bell.

As a band our biggest strength is the different ideas we all bring to the mix and our biggest weakness is not having a genre to associate ourselves with.

Contact Details:

The Fleshpeddlers 8136 Rhode Island Cr. So. Bloomington, MN 55438, USA. or



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