The Groove Criminals


Current Job:
EP 'Product of a vinyl upbringing' out on 7 inch vinyl (Vapours Records, Summer 2000).

Previous Employment:
Mucked about under several other names but never had the nerve or material to send out any demos.

Appearances on 2 compilations: Fortified Stereophonic (Vapours Records cd), vENT 0004 (Tar Media Productions). Both out now.


"crunchy, funky hip hop beats and herbally-enhanced atmospheres" (Paul Sellars, Sound on Sound Magazine)
"Babel Fish ends up as a gloriously funky and cheeky track which we all really enjoyed. With none of the parts being used excessively the track is a testament to simple and classy sample choice and arrangement. Excellent...we didn't want it to end." (Future Music)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths - Not afraid to side-step genres, Heartbeats (track on the forthcoming EP) features vocals by Paul McGilley, front man for Frankfurt based ACDC/Bon Scott cover band Black Angus.

Weakness (as far as record companies are concerned)- Not easily placed into a genre; hiphop/breakbeat/downbeat? Do I or the record buying public give a fu*k? Nope.

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