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Haler Sound System


Current Job:

Finishing first album's worth of material, remixing for people (from Jazz to Nu-Metal), bit of DJ'ing here and there.

Previous Employment:

None - it's always been me and the machines.


Two tracks on "Tales From The Eastside" - a collection of UK Hip-Hop and Skate Punk-Metal. Available on Noisebox/Splinter records (nbx049spl1).


"..there is a considerable consideration of sound on show here, bringing strands of other styles cleverly into play. A sonic relationship with DJ's Shadow and Krush gives depth and funk" (Peoplesound.com)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Very high personal levels of quality control. It means I'm always happy and confident with what I do. It does however lead to a false impression of low output. Also the fact that I get loads of Massive Attack comparisons - I take it as complimentary but it does tend to get annoying.

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