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(July 2001)


Jet Johnson


Current Job:

Played some shows to support the imminent release of our debut single Mr Bones on Becalmed Records. We plan to record more songs soon including the self penned Russian folk ballad Klementiev.

Previous Employment:

Caroline: Mutanene, Tennis, Peachfuzz, Lupee Velez (current); Gavin: The Schizoids, Suzy Creamcheese, Bus Called Happiness, Fly Agric, Carnero, Columbian Hi Rise, Glider (current), Billy Mahonie (current); Ian: Cash Cow, Econoline (current); Hywell: I-Ality Hi-Fi (current), Billy Mahonie (current)



"gorgeous mellow autumnal tunes that linger and smoulder." (Boa Melody Bar)
"Jet are one of those bands that just sound as though they should be on Chemikal Undergroundís rosta. Effortlessly cool, tuneful and pretty." (Drowned in Sound)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strong: the line up as only been together since February after a couple of line up changes last year. This is the best line up by far and jet has become a strong little band. Also Jet is not frightened to play slow and quiet, although not really quiet; but standing in that weird middle ground that people don't know they love until they hear it. Also two members of the band drive cars and Ian has lots of equipment and his a promoter with Damn You! promotions.

Weak: everyone plays in other bands which makes slightly tricky to do alot and Jet to an extent fits in around other projects.

Contact Details:

www.billymahonie.com (until Jet gets its own site) www.becalmedrecords.com, jetjohnson77@hotmail.com or 56 Nightingale Lane, Hornsey, London N8 7QX


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