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(July 2001)




Joe B - everything

Current Job:

Parasite on the scabby hide of the military industrial complex - currently discovering that you can't get a distribution deal unless you've had multiple plays on Radio 1 and single of the week in the NME...OK, the more prosaic answer: Recording EP 2, moonlighting with an opera singer as Ecstatic Delay (twisted lovers funk electronica), and considering the merits of getting other people to programme the drums...

Previous Employment:

Godlike Bass (early 90s death techno)



‘The production is awesome, full on sonic sounds and it's nice to see a new band not following current trends but doing their own thing. Shimmering guitars, crisp beats and dark overtones...’ (Del Franklin, Northsound One)
'Where Radiohead meets Nine Inch Nails, via way of Doves' (Tasty zine)
‘...atmospheric, dark music with cinematic leanings.’ (Homelovin’ zine)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: I do everything

Weaknesses: I do everything

Contact Details:




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