Lazarus Clamp


Current Job:
Busy, busy, busy...

Previous Employment:
Scrappy and non-committal: Michael was in John Sims for a while; Tom moonlights for mj hibbert and Airport Girl; George was in Keith flies over 2000 miles a year.


I'm quite fond of this penetrating Canadian review ...

Lazarus Clamp takes a non-exclusive stab at everything from insurgent country to warm and dizzy slow-wank, keeping the Slint door open, the Mogwai passage free and the Thrill Jockey distribution a viable option. All good save for the ballsy Bowie meets wussy O'Rourke clash towards the end. (Llana Kronick, in the Montreal Hour, apparently)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Don't hire us - we're always late, we ferment discontent, we nick the stationery, and we fuck up the machines without telling anyone. And we eat all day long.

who/what do you think you sound like?
Comparisons are tricky territory, aren't they? We've just been sent a review from Italy, which mentions Palace and Karate; we've also had Rex, Go Betweens, Dead Kennedy's, Throwing Muses and Galaxie 500 before now. We'll take all of those as compliments, but I think you need to chuck them all together to get some idea of the diversity of what we do - and that's before you add in anything jazzy or folky. That sort of thing can take some explaining I suppose.

Plus, I notice that we tend to get compared to American bands, and although I understand why (a shortage of European analogies for a start), I don't really think that we actually sound all that American. And our tastes are much broader than that (but then we would say that, wouldn't we?)

I'm sure the Personnel Devil is writing some notes on the CV, and the notes are going to say: 'Query re: long-term plan; shiftless? lack of consistency?'

I can only say in our defence that shiftless was the whole point. I don't think there are many bands who successfully transcend genres (Yo La Tengo, Mekons) so I suppose we aimed high. Whether we've pulled it off or not, I don't know ... We play whatever works.

who/what have you been compared to that you don't sound like?
See Canadian review, above.

would you use that comparison in order to get people to listen to/review your band?
You mean the CV? The records have had relatively little press so maybe we should've tried it ...

Although I don't think press is that important to what we're doing (at least not directly), I'd have to concede that a couple of reviews would have helped. We're proud of the LP - it was recorded pretty quickly, and when I hear it, it seems to me like a pretty accurate record of how those songs felt when they were still fresh, raw material (which is what we want from a recording, mostly). So, obviously, I do wish more people had actually heard it ...

Otherwise you're just yelling into a bucket, aren't you?

Contact Details:, elclamp@hotmail or write to Lazarus Clamp c/o Agency Services (mail holding), 13 Biddulph St, Leicester, LE2 1BH.

Thank you for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information pending my application. I look forward to meeting you and making extravagant and illicit use of your photocopier ...

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