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I (Phillip L. Holmes) and Ed Beavan (the singer) bring various people together to create leBLEU.

Current Job:

As leBLEU are a studio band, since the album was finished last year we've been putting our feet up. Plus, I'm working on a solo project (Gilbert Gilbert 12" out soon on Amberley Records).

Previous Employment:

I have been involved in: mixing all the Metrotone singles and album, engineering and compiling various things for Earworm Records and Landshipping, an 80s retro duo Howard 'n' Hilda, a couple of installations plus a jazz remix project with the Paul Harrison Trio. Other people who played on the leBLEU album are fantastic musicians and have immense experience but here is an overview.  

Mario Caribe and Paul Harrison are both involved in hundreds of Jazz projects every year including the Paul Harrison Trio. Adam Archibald plays in several folk, jazz and drum'n'bass crossover projects. Andy Neal is an ex-member of a pretty successful Christian thrash metal band and is now the best graphic designer I've ever met. Ash Kimber and Mark Inchley are both in Dr Jones, a funk/rock band based in Edinburgh. Ian Braithwaite was, amongst many other things, involved in setting up the Edinburgh Revelation gospel choirs. The others who played on the album are an assortment of people from Edinburgh University music department and friends or friends or friends.  


both on Pickled Egg records.


"Quirky and an undeniable romantically moody sounding platter that has all the trapping of a French Whitetown but executed with more drama and feeling. So hummable you'll be whistling it for days to come. Sultry pop finesse - what more can I say?" (Record Mart & Buyer)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

I think the main weakness is that singing in French (even though it has a certain cool charm) seems to turn people off. The other is that with so many people involved in leBLEU who are now spread all over the country playing live would be virtually impossible.

The strength of leBLEU has to be in the sheer ability of all involved. I think we'll see some fantastic albums from many of them in the future especially keep your eye out for Paul Harrison.  

Contact Details:

www.lebleu.org.uk and phillip@lebleu.org.uk - I'd love to hear from anyone with their own reviews, comments or questions.


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