Los Nachos


Current Job:

well we've all got jobs which pay for the band and label.....the divide in the band is 50/50 - 2 artists 2 vs science....

Previous Employment:

ok..well me and chris used to play in bone-box (brother jay from gold blade nu-blues side project..i used to play drums and chris played guitar)...i also helped gold blade out on keyboards last year......los nachos was always the main event tho'.....had the band together over 4yrs now.....b4 that I was in a band in newcastle (college) called the choppers and the rest of the guys had a band back home called MarrowCat.



primal genius.........(
blistering rock and roll......(manchester city life)
musical horizons wider than yr mammas ass.......(manchester city life)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

been together quite a while now so we're a real tight knit unit (strength).....chris the guitarist likes to blast his guns (or whatever he's callin' 'working out' this week....'maximising his cuts' whatever) he's as strong as hell......i've got pretty strong lugging my gear about...... only weakness is the fact that half the band live 200 miles from the other half.....but that's been the case for 2yrs now so i guess we doing OK...just takes more hard work. oh yeah nick (drums) never helps with gear

Contact Details:, or neurosonic, PO Box 216, M20 3GQ



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