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(July 2002)




me n my pc

Current Job:

part time work, writing tracks, staying out of the cold

Previous Employment:

absolutely none, my physical co ordination doesn't extend that far, though i wish id had a garage band like in welcome to the dollhouse... i went to art school(HAHA), doing painting/collage things, then i heard music such as bloodyfist, a bit of aphex twin, found a friend with a tracker program n sampling software, n started doing more audio collage stuff rather than visual... i tend to rip off a lot of imagery in my art, so i applied the same idea to the music...


a couple of cd compilations by system:corrupt, a combaton comp with a few friends and some bloody fist people... a cd of my own called death to false metal, n coretex labs reckons hes keen to do a vinyl comp... plus a powerviolence vinyl comp featuring fraughman, pilfernators, misanthrope, n me i think should be out soonish


"The opener, Black Chalice, wastes no time in subjecting the Velvets to a horrendous beating. The beats in question are hard, raw, distorted and very, very angry. The Velvets soon concede defeat and fall out of the mix, leaving you and me to be badly mauled in their place. Death to False Metal is more copyright-indifference from the land that brought us Britany Boobies on the recent System Corrupt (www.systemcorrupt.com) compilation, Australia. Perhaps it's being upside down all the time that makes them this way, I don't know, but something's causing a wave of records that splatter other people's tunes across plastic like vomit on the pavement outside every cheesy local nightclub at 3am on Satuday. Fuckin great." (Robots and Electronic Brains)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

sometimes my mind wanders when doing music/art etc, this can be good, but mosttimes not ... its easier on non destructive stuff like a tracker programme, cause you can sift through the offal of your poorer judgements to find the pearl of something good...i guess sometimes i worry too much.. do you remember a kids book called when the wind blows, about nuclear holocaust n its specific effects on an old english couple? they had that at my school library. that was powerful. as is "the giving tree" by shel silverstein.... movies as well, the princess bride, the neverending story, popular culture, things around me that i cant escape...

oh yes, my live show isnt too dynamic... id like to get some dancers, or wear black metal gear, but thats stretching the budget

Contact Details:

maladroit@powerviolence.org www.powerviolence.org


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