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mike and ben, major f'ing stars

Current Job:

we're currently trying out different methods of interacting with people musically over the internet. since launching our website in february '01, we have had a great response from people and have found that most are willing to interact with us. We have just started a new song, which will be posted tonight (4/6/01) and hope to receive a lot of interaction from people during it's creation.

Previous Employment:

neither of us have been in a band before. a full time working relationship with other band members would not work out well for us. for example, we never want to be recognized by the general public... a stance that most bands would object to. we are also full of searing-hot-hatred-for-all, it makes being around larger groups of people difficult. :)


all songs from the upcoming album "this is my world now" are available for free at our website. a demo cd for the album is anticipated in mid april '01, followed by a full length album later this year, when the material presents itself.


here are a few clips of things people have had to say about us:


Strengths and Weaknesses:

stengths - being the only interactive band in the world has it's advantages when you're trying to convince people to listen, and by getting them to listen, we usually get them to contribute. In essence, we have the whole internet working for us. We have the people who know what they want to hear helping us create the music. There is always someone to point out flaws or successes. Also, thanks to heineken, our music always sounds good.

weaknesses - Ha!

Contact Details:

mike@misterbuster.com, ben@misterbuster.com or http://www.misterbuster.com



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