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Currently looking for a new bass player after the departure of Disco Stu. Anyone interested please email

Current Job:

Our 4th release - Baboon Saloon Blues - EP - is out 9th October via Lockjaw/Pinnacle. A tour to support the release also in October (dates here). Sam from "dBh" (our lockjaw label mates) and Crawford from "Rothko" will be our stand-in bass players

Previous Employment:

Paul - Elsinore, Tiny White, Buck Steeldawn and the Skids, Yogi's Wee Wee.

Mark - Yogi's Wee Wee, Cest




They say there's a thin line between genius and insanity. If this is true, then Monkey Boy are swinging from it by their prehensile tails. Blasting their bizarre, unique, stop start concoction of punk, blues and something else entirely, tonight's outing is typical Monkey action. Those of us who get it, love it. Those unlucky few that don't, lurk at the bar, confused. This is great stuff, mostly new songs laced with trademark quirkiness, but also the end of a era, as it's one of bassist Disco Stu's last shows, leaving Mark (the other bassist) and brother Paul (singing drummer) looking for a replacement (GSOH essential, guitarists need not apply!). A good time was had by all, except the poor confused ones lurking at the bar. 9/10. (ROCK SOUND, JULY 2000)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths - the power of bass. known to have 5 bass players on stage at one point (Rothko providing the other 3).

Weaknesses - our fear of the "Mandrill" primate

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