Montana Pete


Current Job:

Just returned from excellent tour of Ireland promoting launch of 7" single 'Cosworth' on Alpha Relish Records and Greyslate Records, both based in Ireland. Have two more singles planned in very near future to come out on po-homo records. Formidable gigs in next few weeks with Oxes.

Previous Employment:

Bryn and Ian both played in Low Self Opinion which means nothing unless you come from Maidstone, where it means everything. Leighton was/is in Gag, The Spores, Badgewearer and so on...


Four records inside seven years would be nice. It is going well, can't ask for more. Two 7" releases so far and sound live reputation under construction.


We always seem to inspire long winded anecdotes when people describe us. About the lavatory or forces of nature and such. Very entertaining.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths are the God of Thunder on Bass. Boogie live performances. Very little equipment. We are MOBILE!!!. Weaknesses are lack of equipment and meatless diets.

Contact Details:

PO Box 24356, Tooting, London. SW17 9PX, or



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