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(September 2001)




Current Job:

Finish our first demo (title is MOON:SOON we think or perhaps Come Home Soon or like that) november ?

Meet new people with the music and play with some other people from other influence.

Find a way to make vocals with the music.

Do some concerts (a dream is to play with tortoise).

Get a contract at Source Records (joke).

Previous Employment:

Samuel and David played together for 3 years but there was nothing recorded. We make guitar/bass ambient music with a drum machine (but we don't play drums, so it was always the same). We play some times for concerts organised by people we know. Our name was Moon Base Alpha.

We met Laurence and Thierry last year at a concert in MARSEILLE. They make music together for 5 years or so and they have recorded a lot because they own a portable digital studio and gear and have a special room in their house. Their name was Come Home Soon. Their music was some noise drum and bass (it is close Third Eye Foundation "ghost" album).

We talked about science fiction because she had a tee shirt of space 1999 and we discovered they make music too. We went at their house the week after and we play together for 10 month now.



" a sampled disco funk loop butts up to a blast of soundtrack and the noise a Moog makes as it slowly dies during an electric storm" (Robots and Electronic Brains)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

moon music is sometimes not finished, because we like it this way. We improvise the music when we repeat together and we record all. We erase what we don't like and we have the rest. There is hazard in our music, not everything is played by will. I don't like to work a song so it is perfect, but we make 30 or so songs in 10 month, all recorded. Everyone in moon has got his ideas and plays them, sometimes they go on well, and sometimes not so we got trouble to choosing the songs we keep for the demo. That is our strength : we do a lot of new songs.  

for weaknesses I asked all people of moon : Thierry has learned playing drums with a sampler so he only likes to play simple and repetitive routines and the sampler does the complicated things. Laurence said she was not so good she can judge what her weaknesses are, and I say she plays too loud. David said he uses always the same guitar sound. I will say I have trouble being the bass. Example, sometimes I realise I don't play the same rhythm the drummer at the beginning of the song, but I don't correct what I play and we don't play the same for all the song and it make a good song sometimes, but not some other times. I don't feel so rock and roll for a bass player.  

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