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(December 2002)


Muleskinner Jones


Current Job:

Promoting the ‘Terrible Stories’ EP on-line after attempts to secure distribution failed miserably. Working on a second EP and album to follow (original material this time rather than traditional tunes). Progressing very slowly as can only work in the hours beyond 10.30 pm.

Previous Employment:

Played bass with warped country band ‘Gewgaw Mule’ who were regulars on the London pub circuit in the early 90s.



"Sod the country revival - this is the sound of someone locked in an Appalachian mountain log cabin with a case of Jack Daniels, 10 feet of snow outside, and some suspicious lumps under the floorboards.." (vanguard online)
"Like Nick Cave and Julie Andrews have gatecrashed the recording of the new Pogues album.... seriously f***ed up... we love it." (bulaka.co.uk)
"Grisly murder ballads sung with relish. Somewhere between that weirdo from Jon Wayne and someone who plain can’t sing - with bottleneck a-plenty. Ace fun." (careless talk costs lives)
"This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Urgh. Horrible." (indigo flow)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

strengths: Does what the hell he wants. Not afraid of going to far. Avoids the middle ground.

weaknesses: Tweaks endlessly. Spends too much time at his day job. Singing.

Contact Details:

muleskinnerjones@bitbull.com http://www.muleskinnerjones.com



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