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(December 2001)


Neville Clay


That's it.

Current Job:

civil servant - spend 37 hrs a week in a locked room on my own looking at passports under UV light. nice! Am just about to release an album on Ferric Mordant.

Previous Employment:

no-one you've heard of - guitar & vocals with sludge-rock monolith "Rufus Beer" (1992-95), semi-acoustic twang with psychobilly 3-piece Black No.8 (1998-99) and similar twangfest with '60's garage rockers "The Uninvited" (1999-2000).


a couple of tape demos and a 4-track CD with Rufus Beer, and three solo albums - two self-released: "(as if)" 19-tracker in 1999, "not it" 12-song glumathon in 2000 and this third one "Pearshaped" on Ferric Mordant (now).


"tender emotion, fragile songcraft and accomplished tunesmithery" (Time Out, November '99)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Bensons (Menthols on a bad chest day), asthma, whisky & coke, The Simpsons, Jim Woodring, Don Delillo, "Get Happy" by Elvis Costello, The Fall 77-84, Viz and Roger's Profanisaurus, fear of flying, Peter Bagge's "Hate", friesias, Iceland fish fingers and fruit cocktail mini-trifles, Royle Family, Bach flower remedies, Greggs cheese pasties, Slayer, Rollins Band, Soundgarden and SWANS, passive-aggressive tendencies, love/allergy for cats, Radox, Spraydog, Mark & Lard, oven chips.. in that order.

Contact Details:

neville.clay@care4free.net http://devoted.to/nevilleclay or 48 Rowanberry Road, Longbenton, Tyne & Wear NE12 8JJ



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