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(December 2001)


NPB a.k.a. National Prayer Breakfast


Current Job:

We've just released our second LP, THIS IS MY HAPPENING AND IT XXXXX ME UP (which is our first record to get a UK release). And we just got back from doing a tour where we did some UK dates as well as dates in Ireland. Next up is recording the next LP which we hope to do before the end of January 2002. It was originally going to be another 10" mini-LP like THIS IS MY HAPPENING but it's mutating into a proper full length record. The cover's done.

Previous Employment:

nothing that we'd particularly like to recall except that daragh's first band in school was called the Dead and sounded like a very bad Joy Division. patrick and pol are currently indulging their country obsessions with their other project EL DIABLO.


2 LPs THE SOCIABLES PREFER POP MUSIC and THIS IS MY HAPPENING AND IT XXXXX ME UP (10" and CD), 3 EPs, 2 7"s and a split 7" in the US with a band from South Carolina called Slurr. Apart from the split which is on a small label over there called Butt Lettuce, the records are all on our own Catchy Go Go Records label, which is also releasing records by EL DIABLO, FORTY SIX LONG and in Feb 2002, DEPUTY FUZZ . .


'There's a scene in 'Wild at Heart' where Nick Cage goes into a nightclub and there's a Country'n'Industrial band playing. This is who The NPB remind me of. A band from a movie rather than a real band. Low-slung months in Death Valley. Lonely cowpoke mutants living off mescal and hanging with Al Jourgenson' (CLUAS live review)
'It's garage. As in garage rock. As in primitive, silly, shity, grubby, dirty, bluesy rock'n'roll with all like gunk and stuff under its badly chewed fingernails. Yes, we really like it and, yes, it is really wicked, actually'. (Steven Wells, NME)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

a fondness for sugary substances, alcohol, & pizza, an ability to miss the obvious motorway turn offs into any given city, a growing number of songs expletive free and therefore capable of being played on radio, a fondness for combining the dumb with the inexplicable and a childlike love of rock. Plus nice folk. maybe.

Contact Details:

mail@catchygogo.com www.catchygogo.com or NPB c/o Catchy Go Go Records, 1 josephine avenue, dublin 7, ireland.



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