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(March 2002)




Current Job:

we've just completed a 7" for weapon-shaped supplies. "cellophane" is on the a-side with "the deceitful are abandoned" acting as an accomplice. "trapezoid 4" is scheduled to be our next cd release and will include live and alternate versions of 5 or 6 songs. much of our current work is centered around our debut full-length extravaganza "audio noir." expect a calculated departure from our previous efforts and spine-tingling guitar solos. a real treat. "audio noir" will be released on mush records in november (i'm not sure what year).

Previous Employment:

none of the other bands any of us have been in are even worth thinking about.



"At times it sounds like Ian Curtis fronting Merzbow, other times it's Tricky bleeding." -THE WIRE
"...very, very cool and very, very fucked up." -GROOVES
" ...pioneering their own branch of experimental hiphop rooted in 80s industrial music." -XLR8R

Strengths and Weaknesses:

i think we're pretty good at setting out to accomplish a sound and following through with it for better or for worse. our weaknesses are many...but you'll have to sort them out for yourself.

Contact Details:

econtrol5@yahoo.com (we're looking for professional management if anyone knows anyone. i'm sick of calling people.)



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