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(April 2002)




Esiris Kayab Lyons and an orchestra of technology and friends.

Current Job:

Lately, I've been mastering recordings I did in Cambodia and Thailand, preparing my next full-length for release, and gearing up for a US tour.

Previous Employment:

I've done many different projects with Jeff Konrad aka Robot USA, and some new ones with Synaptic Flow. Recently, I've also been doing some vocals and effects for a jazz-funk bans called Strut.


other releases include a coproduction on Robot USA's full-length, doing an official theme song remix for the NFL Team the Tennessee Titans, doing a remix of Messages for Synaptic Flow's CD and a couple special solar powered recordings for a Diskatopia compilation.


"an alien blend of disrupted electro and bleep led techno" (Robots and Electronic Brains)
"otherworldly drum'n'bass" (Robots and Electronic Brains)
"super intelligent" (DJ Sifu)

Contact Details:

www.quetzatl.com www.mp3.com/quetzatl info@quetzatl.com


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