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(May 2003)


Daniel Patrick Quinn


Daniel Patrick Quinn (voice/synths/cello/trumpet/violin/bass/simple percussion/etc)

Current Job:

recording "Jura", an hour-long drone piece inspired by the Scottish island of the same name. and finishing off a single type thing called "Riccarton Junction" with The Rough Ensemble

Previous Employment:

one half of musical comedy cabaret act, The Pseudogods. Vocalist/guitarist with the Modern Losers in London.


"The Winter Hills" album (2003).


"I have died and gone to folk-drone heaven, a place where we sing our conversations with a folderol accompanied by angels on bagpipes. Beautiful." (Robots and Electronic Brains)

Contact Details:

info@suilvenrecordings.com www.suilvenrecordings.com Suilven Recordings, PO Box 84, CARNFORTH, Lancs LA5 8WZ


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