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(January 2002)


Rhysical Pheck


Current Job:

Promoting our current 7" single "Ground is Sound" on Cripperty Records, putting the final touches to our debut 10 track CD "The Little People Album" due for release spring 2002, playing the occassional gig here on the Island, looking for gigs off the Island (anywhere !)

Previous Employment:

Brass Bands, Thrash Bands, Punk Bands, Indie Bands, Played a gig in a chapel, Scored dance music for the ICA Theatre. All of which is utterly irrelevant to the current band!



'Brian Wilson playing a clockwork space invader' - Robots and Electronic Brains fanzine
'Comedown psychedelia of a most hellish variety' - Isle of Man Examiner Newspaper

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths:We Come from the Isle of Man, know a good tune, know a good sound, know a good song.

Weaknesses: We Come from the Isle of Man, Guinness!

Contact Details:

buggane@talk21.com www.ballagroove.iofm.net



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