Current Job:
Two weeks annual leave followed immediately by an appearance at the Truck Festival in Oxford (22nd & 23rd July). Then the day after that we play a RoTa night at the Notting Hill Arts Centre (24th July) followed by a nine-date tour in August with Mahogany from New York and Curtis Newton from France.....

3/8/00 Brighton, The Lift; 4/8/00 Bristol, Comedy Club; 5/8/00 Exeter, The Caven; 6/8/00 Liverpool, Zanzibar; 8/8/00 Leicester, The Charlotte; 9/8/00 The Jug of Ale Birmingham; 10/8/00 The Portland Arms,Cambridge; 11/8/00 The Betsey Trotwood London; 12/8/00 The Rising Sun, Reading.

Previous Employment:
None of any real note: Dr Seuss, The Deviants & Soup are among some of the thankfully lost bands of the nineties. British Air Power are still going, though but now they're called British Sea Power.


Other releases include various tracks on compilation CDs, 'Chromosomes' (Something From Your Insides), 'Pink' (Readipop#1) and 'Conquistador' (POP Volume#1,POPnews


This week's fav: "Out of Reading with Gallic laced Stereolabelled avant-pop filtered through folksiness and electronica with viola, theramin and spacey synths, vocals in English, French and Spanish. A heady cocktail of mown grass and absinthe" ("What's On", Birmingham's answer to Time Out)

or for the more discerning listener: "You're shite" (Paul Mead, Essex)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths include excellent presentation and dress sense, impeccable record collections and of course,fantastic songs. Weaknesses? Well, we're never going to be as big as Travis are we?

Contact Details:
Belmondo Productions, Flat 5, 4 Kendrick Road, Reading RG1 5NB, or


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