Scissorkicks (previously DJ Scissorkicks)


Current Job:

Just completed remixes for Kerphunk, Lowfinger and Three Inch Pornstars. Production / co-writing for Frigid Vinegar. Working on tracks for next Scissorkicks album. Working on project called Argyll Maffia, with P6 (ex vocalist with Stretchheads). I'm also a member of Junior Blanks - we've got a finished album, but no-one appears to want to release it. So it goes...

Previous Employment:

Pregnant Neck, Roachmill, Collapsed Lung, Slug Balancer, and brief tenure as reserve bass player with The Keatons.



"Like being trapped inside an overloaded Defender machine, with your finger permanently on the thrust button" (Loaded)
"The sound of a crazed kid loaded on Sunny Delight and going mad in a pick and mix emporium" (Jockey Slut)
"What would Friday nights be like without records like these?" (Muzik)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths : A Scissorkicks mix will work on the dancefloor. You won't get a pretentious abstract work-out from me (unless you ask specifically, of course). And I'm a nice bloke.

Weaknesses : I can't say no. And I'm a nice bloke.

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