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(April 2003)


The Scratch


Current Job:

Currently in the studio finishing off tracks for our debut album, and playing gigs up and down the country including a SOLD OUT London showcase, and the Metro in London (see our website for current gig list)

Previous Employment:

Andy previously in punk band The Mamajamas - "Mamajamas?... a load of bollocks!" (Captain Sensible). John and Grim were in Jump - "The originators of Digifunk" (Music Week) Bazzmo drummed for indie rock band Man in a Suitcase


Debut single 'I relax to Spiral Scratch'/'Trigger Finger' out on Ponyland Records.


A bald bloke at the bar once said to Bazz "by eck how many influences ave yoo soothern bastrds got!" & "Aye, it were alreet"

Strengths and Weaknesses:

strengths - a band full of songwriters with an unshakable determination that we will change the face of the universe (who said anything about music) ... which is also our biggest weakness - delusion

Contact Details:

info@ponylandrecords.co.uk www.thescratch.co.uk


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