Current Job:
High School, 11th Grade. Marianne works for "royalty" (Burger King), Donna is a Wedding Cake decorator.

Previous Employment:
Shell is their first group. They formed when they were 12 years old goofing around in their bedrooms and recording "for fun" on cassette tapes. They have always played their own music, writing their own lyrics.

Their first release was in 1998 on Abaton, #000, SHELL! vs. NEU!, A limited edition cassette tape of bedroom recordings and wholesale thievery of NEU 2. A Post-Modern battle of the bands. Their most recent release is their debut cd, Abaton #005 SHELL IS SWELL.


"Shell meets the invisible man+ Shell vs. Neu!" recorded on old concertmate keyboards and cassette decks and comes wrapped in gauzy hiss, which add's to Shell's bizarre, private world. The whole tape is flush with stray sounds flying around like little gypsies...(Mike Wolf, TimeOut New York)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Their strengths are they are best friends and their weaknesses are they are best friends.

Contact Details:
c/o Abaton Book Company 116 Spring Street (topfloor), Newton, NJ 07860 USA or or


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