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(April 2003)


Shining Reserves


Current Job:

We are all scruffy students living off tax payers money... or so we're told. Pretty soon we'll be going back into the studio to record more songs that nobody will ever hear but we love.

Previous Employment:

Nothing really. We are all very lazy and have never had the courage to get up and do anything before this. The only thing that could be worth mentioning is a noise band that one of us was in called thunderpussyfuckdeath! That last bit isn't true. If only it was.


I would say we are underachievers definitely. We've released two cd's, both with three tracks. One was good and one wasn't. We do live in Wakefield though, surely that's an achievement in itself.


....Shining Reserves play a kind of herky-jerky indie / post punk amalgamation, bringing to mind bands like Wire and Mission of Burma, with quirky guitar work that is both bouncy and complex. They've also got a more modern and melodic feel to them, perhaps in a Braid or Van Pelt mode. I like the way they have multiple vocals that are duelling and bouncing off each other rather than harmonising to add to the variation. I was dead impressed with this, probably the most intriguing new UK band I have heard in come some time... (collective-zine)
Yeah, this is pretty cool. Shining Reserves are from Leeds and sound quite a bit like Sunderlands FUTUREHEADS, which is no bad thing. Actually, it's pretty damn brilliant. 3 songs of jagged angular guitar pop with layered vocal effects make this a must listen. They're pretty good live too and you can do no wrong checking 'em out. One to watch out for definitely. (Waterintobeer fanzine)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Our main strengths are that occasionally we can be quite a good band, some of us look pretty, we can play our instruments well, we all have toni&guy haircuts and we all smoke and are addicted to crack. I would say our biggest weakness is that we compulsively lie about everything... and we steal.

Contact Details:

http://www.theshiningreserves.cjb.net shiningreserves@hotmail.com



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