Current Job:
about to start the dirty job of trying to $ell an album :D. "data in a hurry", 13 slabs of awkward rock, should be out on wasp factory recordings as we speak (distributed by plastic head, ... cat # waspfac002). spent the last year recording the beast, drinking too much coffee, drinking too much alcohol. spending too much time online. playing the occasional gig. about to start on some sunny summer gigs in tents and the like.

Previous Employment:
skinflowers : august 95 - present



It's very much 'dark indie' in the same way as perhaps Radiohead but without all the things that really piss me off about that band (ie: The ludicrous vocals, the pretentious attitude, the overtly convoluted lyricism, etc). It's only a short set for them (25 minutes?) but in this space of time, with a series of increasingly claustrophobic tunes, they manage to create an onstage atmosphere of genuine menace ... something of an achievement considering that in front of the stage there are young ladies with laser guns handing out ice cream! :) Anyway, although the Skinflowers are probably the least "Goth/related" band on the bill, they certainly take the prize for being the darkest ... Final song, "I Don't Need More Money I Need More Time" (they certainly did, 25 minutes is NOT ENOUGH!) is better than everything Radiohead have ever done put together ... (live review on a Usenet newsgroup November 99)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
we get lots of bowie comparisons, vocally i guess, not the music. never really saw that one myself, i guess it just means "sings a bit funny, but attempts a tune". the record co thing about the album says that we "occupy the awkward & claustrophobic grey area between radiohead, big black and the smiths", which i quite like :D, good on 'em.

Contact Details:, or six hurcombe way, brockworth, glos, GL3 4QP


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