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The Stars of Aviation


Current Job:

just released our second EP in April through our own label, and are planning a few gigs in June. Jonny is working for a concert listings magazine, Nathan is working at the International Air Transport association, Andy is working for the Church Missionary Society and Tim is studying. Spending loads of time sending promo cds off to zines and radios, and also thinking about finding a biger record company to take us on.

Previous Employment:

Jonny: Static Ashtray a front room; Nath- in a band called Bull Raper for 2 days; Tim drums for a band called Smug, playing very fast indie. SoA used to be called Florence, if that counts.



"The mood is set where you soak in the rays of the sun and pet your kitty that is purring next to you. What a feeling." (Invisible Youth)
"Understated, deeply introspective songs that immediately demand attention. The Stars of Aviation set the table right and then deliver a sumptuous feast. Not one of those bells-and-whistles sorta dinners, but more of a candlelight affair where the duck is crispy and succulent." (Aiding and Abetting)
"Sometimes, quiet subtlety says more than any burst of loud guitar. Subdued vocals and a lulling beat slowly swelling into controlled emotional sound can truly inspire the listener. The Stars of Aviation understand this better than most, it would seem, and in this understanding have unwittingly produced one of the most gorgeous records I've heard for a while." (Strange Fruit)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

strengths: we are really good mates. On our own label, doing our own music

weaknesses: we are all in different countries at the moment, and we haven't gigged for a year. we hope we can still play our instruments when we get back together in June. Also, since we run the label ourselves, we spend loads of time organising stuff instead of writing music.

Contact Details:

grandparecords@hotmail.com, www.starsofaviation.co.uk or www.grandparecords.co.uk




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