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Current Job:

Making a new album, "Hun_geR," to be released end spring 2001.

Looking for a record label? Well: not really. Sent an LP to Digital Hardcore (you know that "we're cool anti-corporate people" self-proclaimed "independent" label): fuck them, never replied. Sent an LP to MEGO: fuck them, never replied. Sent an LP to FuckTheRecordIndustryThePunkRockAttitudeRules or whatever: fuck them all, why sending things to people who got no guts to even ANSWER???

So: created the BurningEmptiness Inc. record label. For now, two bands: PRESSURE and Tin.RP. In fact, Burning Emptiness was one of the songs of my first band Wisdom: the chorus went like "raw burning emptiness/straight frozen loneliness" or something. Current projects range from having the first PRESSURE album "legion of hatred" on diskette out in march to selling "Hun_geR" to martians.

BurningEmptiness is not a real record label but more a project/concept around noise, bugs, interference, using inappropriate tools to make inappropriate music - the Noise Research Program (in french "Programme de Recherche Bruitiste" a reference to 60's Boulez's -et al.- "Programme de Recherche Musicale")

In real life, DDN is an emergency physician (is that the correct english word?) working in the french prehospital medical emergency structures)

B*L is a anaesthetics specialized nurse

Previous Employment:

Previous first band I played in circa 1990 was called WISDOM. At first it was raw and rather stupid punk rock (along with Ultramilkmaids' Y.ann first band The Chicken in the Kitchen) but near 1995 it had become a furious noisecore project including a mad guitarist playing sax and clarinet, drummer using a DR55 beatbox (quite funny when you think about it now !) and myself on bass guitar/voice/lyrics... Played with HeadCleaner, Condense, PortobelloBones, but... As studios were real expensive at that time, there's nothing left of that period...

First solo project on tape 1996 called This Is Not Red Paint (first demo called "this is my blood" remastered version soon available): maybe that's where our actual name comes from, who knows... Nice song titles like "whirlwind of pain".. Sent it to AUBE, he found it nice, so that's why I thought I could do something again.


One album "BattleZone" issued 05/02000 on our own label BurningEmptiness Inc. Several MD tracks, unpublished. Much noise experimentations, unpublished.


"..the sound of a horde of advancing maniacs with overwhelmingly loud and destructive weaponry - take Digital Hardcore and remove the tunes. [..] so violently anti-commercial it makes Kid 606 look like, erm, a kid." (Robots and Electronic Brains)
"Where listening to grindcore all day when you're 15 can lead you is amazing" (some french metal webzine, forgot the name)

People always compare us with ultraviolence and I don't see the point. We always felt closer to death metal than to techno or to "normal" electronica.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: we're two people. We can help each other through hard times. We got money enough not to be needing anything of the record industry to live. DDN is monomaniac. B*L is monomaniac.

Weaknesses: DDN is old and tired now. B*L is a beautiful woman and that's a weakness when you got a brain.

Contact Details:

http://tinrp.free.fr, tin.rp@club-internet.fr or DEL NISTA Denis et Bérengère, Résidence Michelet DeLattre / B2 - 5 boulevard du maréchal Koenig, 13009 Marseille, France


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