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(December 2001)




Rodney 'Stuka' Winsor, Peter Bowers and - if the price is right - Mark Hassal. Sundry others also contribute from time to time.

Current Job:

Various home-recording fiascos of varying quality. Part-time and casual lo-fi shelf-stacking in the bargain basements of advanced capitalism.For below minimum wage, of course.

Previous Employment:

Many and varied. Low lights inc. Rodneys stint in Hoarse Mewl (no-fi racketeers), Drongo Bum, and The Tree of Sartre. Pete has served in Wimp Fondler, Dropped By Pickled Egg, and once stood in for Citizens Caned bass player. Mark has probably had the most success, drumming in Vehement Super Waif, but also provided various forms of percussion for Shaven Haven and, more recently The Sampletons. Some of these projects never got beyond an argument on the pub car-park, though. Others were slightly more fruitful and led to the completion of a shite demo or two. In any case references are available on request.


Thus far Trilemma have recorded CDrs and some tapes and things. 'Release' is probably not the right word really. Many are still in captivity and, more worringly, appear to like it there. Bastards. Write to us if you want some sounds.


Air Gun World described the first Trilemma tape as 'utterly bereft of positive attributes.' A tad harsh we felt. I mean, what's all this 'utterly' crap?

Strengths and Weaknesses:

We have the ability to bring down western imperialism and end all forms of expropriation. Also we have synthesised a new and powerful form of negation which we will shortly be perfecting.

Weaknesses? Paf. We scoff at this bougroise notion. We are the conquestadors of anti-consumption. We are impervious to all forms of limitation. More pertinently, Rodney makes a shit cup of tea.

Contact Details:

2a Linley Rd, Hartshill, Stoke-onTrent, Staffs.



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