The Various Artists


Current Job:

JEL-post grad student and dreamer.

Previous Employment:

JEL- once worked in a garden centre, and more recently in a library. JEL & DB also play in the band Buglebear Senior, who record very occasionally!


Record wise...hmmm *shrug* nothing as yet, but we hope to one day, you can get a tape or a CD from the Comb Musical Alliance (which is basically us). Having a name like ours we would like to appear on compilation albums, though it is nice to see that many record shops have a Various Artists section already.


"Hum'n'space, perhaps" - Jimmy Possession, "one of the songs sounds like a Christmas carol" - DB

Strengths and Weaknesses:

STRENGTHS: Song titles (very important), casiotone, ideas, the lo-tech noise philosophy, not being too concerned about being able to play the songs again.

WEAKNESSES: Too many bad ideas such as the Covers album which would (will) feature covers of bands like the Beach Boys, Megadeth, Poison and the Dawsons Creek theme tune, with the I's replaced with We's. Laziness.


Contact Details:

please e-mail us:, website: (very much under construction)


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