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(May 2003)


Vic Twenty


Vic Twenty and Piney Gir

Current Job:

Making quirky, melody-based, analogue pop in Twenty Towers. Having just come off tour with Erasure, Vic and Piney are diligently working on their second single.  The first single was released by Daniel Miller of mute Records on a side label called Credible Sexy Units and is only recently available in all good record shops! We're very excited!

Previous Employment:

Previous Employment: Piney grew up playing the piano from the young age of four, she studied percussion and piano at university and opera style voice stuff too...  She's also plays a little red accordion just for fun.  She is a member of the Zoltan Kodaly School for Girls, The Schla la la's, and sometimes makes an appearance with Polyphonic Man.


Vic used to work at the docks of Bristol & the port of Milford Haven.Waxed cars from Japan & sheets of Welsh steel were the order of the day for him then.  He dusted down his old synths back in '97 and ran an old synth club night called 'Analog Cabin',  without a sampled drum loop within earshot.


May 2003: 3 track, self-titled debut single, available in all good record stores (in the UK)


 m/f b-box cnth POP! vg :-)  (Robots and Electronic Brains)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Melody melody melody! Weaknesses: in a live setting sometimes the mini disc skips.  Piney seems to get a lot of soar throats too....

Contact Details:

 vic@victwenty.com or apenhaligon@mutehq.co.uk