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(July 2002)


The Visit (for such a harmless name, it seems cause such divided opinions. Wars could start over this)


Current Job:

The pattern seems to be, we play a gig each month. In between which we manage to write another great new song. Which happens to be better than the last 'new song' we wrote. We get excited about playing the gig, and airing our new track, and pummel ourselves into the ground practicing. The gig comes and goes, and we then realise we have no gig lined up, so we write another song. Someone then offers us a gig, and we start again. Sometimes this is punctuated by recording, and CD related activities.

Previous Employment:

DDavid - Icaru; Doug - After Forever, and Hot Wok; Matthew - Interlaken, Paperman, and is also in: CRS*

Myself: Absolute Zeros, was a punk band I formed with college friends at the ripe old age of 17. We expelled our youthful frustrations very well.

After a break from those pesky bands, but doing some funk hip hop with a friend: Vertical Hold/interlaken, I put those two together even though they were totally different sounding bands, just most members were the same. VH was insane. Imagine 6 very different aged people, with very different musical tastes, and none of it gelling. Madness, but very fun. Interlaken is too hard to talk about, as the scars go too deep. Boo hoo, those nasty men threw me out, because I didn't sound like Belinda Butcher. When Matt joined interlaken, it boosted things 100%. That was my favorite time with those guys.



"Very competent left field guitar based noise pop from Cambridge. I particularly liked the guitar playing, which is expressive without being at all wanky. The Visit live are an urgent, unsettling proposition. The performance is gripping, and the sound original and hard hitting. I want more urgency, and more extreme extremes." REPEAT Fanzine
"Terrible name. Terrible title. Terrible first track. Terribly sorry, fellas.. But then Silence The Poet kicks off. It's a yearning surge of melodic post (yes!) rock (yes!) with a real song threaded deep into its weft. Direct, purposeful, meaningful and over in under 4 minutes. The Visit can come again." Robots and Electronic Brains Fanzine

Strengths and Weaknesses:

S: Our main asset is, we love playing together. After each practice, we are always totally exhausted. We put so much enjoyment, and energy into the rehearsals. Also, we write great non-conventional songs, that don't get boring after one listen. There is more depth to them. The listener may not get it right away, but when they do it stays with them.

W: If we are not feeling connected, as a group, you only get a perfunctory (some times shambolic) performance from us. We need that rehearsal room feeling between us, to really take off. We don't suck off promoters/other bands enough, to get good supports slots.

Contact Details:

http://www.thevisit.org thevisit24@hotmail.com


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The Visit (for such a harmless name, it seems cause such divided opinions. Wars could start over this)






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