it takes two: biggup and elijah
(april 2005)

United We Stand dropped out of the mailer with a cascade of jewel box fragments and a biog sheet heavily laden with woe. Scraping the plastic off the plastic, I slipped it on and started reading. Biggup and Elijah, a black Muslim and a white Jew, despite all the hard times and pushbacks, doing their best to put out a positive message through hip hop. It could've been spectacularly corny. It isn't. We asked them to interview each other for us.

Q1 : What is your hometown?
Biggup - West Philly
Elijah - Germantown, Philly

Q2 : What age did you first start rhyming?
Biggup - 10
Elijah - 10

Q3 : Favorite Color
Biggup - Blue
Elijah - Green

Q4 : Married or single?
Biggup - Single as shit
Elijah - Me too

Q5 : Main goal as an artist?
Biggup - Guide the youth through positive lyrics
Elijah - Give back to the world through music

Q6 : How did "United We Stand" originate.
Elijah - I came up with the hook while I was in the shower.
Biggup - I told Elijah to write a speech and the rest is history.

Q7 : What is your favorite song of each others?
Biggup - I like "Live and Learn." Thats my shit.
Elijah - Biggup kills "Born in Philly." everybody in Philly will automatically feel this one.

Q8 : Favorite MC of all time?
Biggup - Kool G Rap
Elijah - Rakim

Q9 : Place that you want to visit the most?
Biggup - Amsterdam
Elijah - Jamacia

Q10 : Favorite female actress?
Biggup - Angelina Jolie.
Elijah - Halle Berre

Q11 : Favorite year in Hip-Hop?
B & E - THIS ONE!!!

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