it takes two:disinvectant
(June 2005)

DisinVectant are Yin and The Egg Plant. Their sound is the sound of alienation. Or, at least, outsiderdom. It's dark and machinistic and it reeks fear and disaffection and frustration. Of dirt. Of grime. Of rot and decay. Of things that need disinVecting. The pick of the septet on their debut (for their own three pin recordings label) is the opener, Blaque Meat, a slow and hefty two-stepper cast in iron and scorched by jets of super-heated bass. Black like a power cut, through circumstance not calculation, The Egg Plant recites in deep Brummie while distant engineers splice and solder.

Yin: Explain the sound of DisinVectant.

The Egg Plant: The chemically pure stream, the sound of electricity passing through your body. Removing the scum from the artistic netherworld with neutral agents, clear liquids. The smell of bleach modified electronically with human hands. What is your role within DV?

Y: Sonic architect: technical manipulation, abuse and refinement. Rubber gloves should be worn at all times to protect a sensitive nature. Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

E: First and foremost paranoia; being scared of one's actions. Frustration. Aggression with loud laughter.. Inhaling and exhaling. Ancient history, mythology and the stain of Chelmsley Wood my hometown. What's your favourite sound?

Y: Metal against metal, machine noises…the rhythm of factories, automated processes with no human element. I like the soullessness of it. But there's still a very real organically disjointed groove. Is Birmingham shit or not?

E: Shit is in the eye of the beholder. With boulders. What's your favourite flavour crisps?

Y: Well it's difficult cus I'm vegan and they put milk products in most of them. Salt and vinegar.

E: Well, I'm not, but I do like a bit of Blaque Meat. Always raw but completely burnt.

Y: Where is music heading in the 21st century?

E: Pure tones, the sound of tinnitus (which I've suffered with for about 10 years) is a soundtrack of my life. Do you think art is for the honest?

Y: Reality is for the honest; art is for those who cant handle the truth. Do you prefer recording or playing music live?

E: Well seeing as I can't really play a note, making it up along the way I do get a bit stressed on stage. With recorded music you feel like you have control over it but without pressing record and playing in any context nothing in life would ever be documented would it? So that record button along with the play button are two of the most powerful things known to modern man and obviously the on switch is the eternal god or devil. But I love the rush you get on stage and the fact you could just take it anywhere or even tell the crowd to fuck off out of it. But obviously I'd have to be armed with my trusty aubergine.

Y: What does the aubergine represent?

E: The eggplant aubergine placento erupto with burnt carcinogens. It's like the womb, a tear drop, a leaf. Life hurtling towards death.. It's different things to different people, work it out for yourselves.

E: Can I ask what the Yin and the thoughts behind it mean to you?

Y: No.

E: Ooooh, hit a raw nerve?

Y: My nerves are always raw.

E: Who else have you been working with?

Y Ape (Audio Processing Engineer) from Canterbury. There's a project in the pipeline, dark and old school electronics. Not sure what form it'll take yet - beat-up synths and battered samplers with a broken foot. So who you been working with?

E: Well apart from your badself, this bloke Frank Cougar also from Birmingham: a writer, singer and spoken word performer influenced by Hunter S, Burroughs, Bill Hicks, the blues etc. He's got a release coming out on 3 pin recordings called Sons of Samuel Volcano out now which is highly recommended.

Sitcom Future Family is the name of the project I'm doing with him, a spoken word trilogy of many styles and persuasions and Frank laying bare about the state of post-millenial society, youth culture and mobile phones all getting a verbal beating and the snobbery of the word "chav": what does it actually mean?

[The Yin and The Egg plant both ask and answer this next one to break the monotony.]

Y&E: Explain the idea behind 3 pin labs. Electrical philosophy, the pulling and pushing of power via domestic plug, in and out of the socket. It's electrical intercourse. The motion of particles, modern society would collapse without this one thing which we all take too much for granted. It's also the 3, the tragic number.

At this point DisinVectant pulled the plug.



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